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No government

Page history last edited by Arik Andersen 6 years, 1 month ago

What do you think would happen if we had NO GOVERNMENT?  Please give an example.


Write:  If we had no government, I think ......  .     For example,          .

Comments (3)

Lucia said

at 12:01 pm on Jun 10, 2014

If we didn't have no government the U.S were going to be mess up.

miguel r said

at 8:40 am on Jun 11, 2014

if we had no government, I think people would do bad thing and there were gonna be qa war.

Oracio said

at 10:29 am on Jun 11, 2014

if we had no government i think the U.S would be like the purge, being able to kill once a year for 24 hrs.

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